5 Reasons Why Florida-Georgia Line Sucks

Here is a list of reasons the writers of We Hate Pop Country don’t ever hesitate to make fun of FGL.

1 — Their music makes our ears literally bleed. 

2 — They dress like hipsters. 

3 — They recorded, and performed with the Backstreet Boys. A literal boy band.

They are also set to perform with the Backstreet Boys on the ACM Awards that are coming up.

I’d include the date, but let’s be real — who actually tunes in to this shit?

4 — They take “Punch Me Face” to a whole new level. 

5 — This is what teeny boppers these days consider country in 2017.

Be sure to


  1. There Terrible worst display of country music ever. Right along with Luke Bryan. You guys wouldn’t know country if it jump up a bit you on the butt. But there is some hope life for country music his name is Chris Stapleton.

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