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Airwaves of Tradition: The Next Chapter of We Hate Pop Country

Hello, and welcome to the new and improved — The one and only official webpage domain of the We Hate Pop Country Honky Tonk, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and social media community. Before I begin, allow us to thank you for your extended show of patience during our period of re-construction as we have worked vigorously into the night to ensure that we would launch by the end of March, and I reckon we made our deadline. As you’ve probably noticed by now, things look a tad different than what you may be accustom to around these parts of the web. As we expand and take on a more mature, aggressive, focused and professional stance, previous publishing’s under the We Hate Pop Country™ moniker have been wiped from the server to embrace a clean slate, or so to speak. Nevertheless, don’t worry about the beloved content that we’ve come to be known and loved for. Memes can still actively be found on our official Facebook, and Instagram outlets that will remain fully intact and operational.

Due to obvious legal formalities regarding our previous unauthorized Johnny Cash themed logo, We Hate Pop Country will be voluntarily distancing itself from the previous branding upon the launch of our slick new logo, which will have a more dominate presence in the coming days here on the site as we finish working out the kinks.

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